Our signature style is rooted in a love for neutrals, organic design, drawing inspiration from the captivating allure of the outdoors.   

We are deeply passionate about intimate, outdoor and modern weddings that radiate comfort and effortlessness. For us, it's about creating a luxury experience that still feels approachable. 


We are creating new rules to make each celebration uniquely one-of-a-kind luxury experiences.

Event Management

We offer event management, often known as month-of coordination. While clients maintain most planning responsibilities, our approach provides close guidance. Our active involvement begins day one with a site visit together,  offering personalized assistance for a successful planning journey. 

Design & Full-Service

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Our most all-encompassing experience is design and full-service planning which involves a multi-faceted approach: we delve into budget preparation and management, venue and vendor selection and contract negotiation, design conceptualization, monthly meetings .  We are collaborative and true thought partners at every vendor meeting and in every discussion, ensuring your voice is heard at every stage of wedding planning. 

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frequently asked questions


Our firm offers a variety of wedding planning options.  From streamlined event management to comprehensive design and full-service wedding planning, our approach is tailored to our client's desire for how much guidance is needed. Whether guiding from a few months prior or orchestrating every detail, we're committed to a stress-free, collaborative experience. 

We prioritize delivering incredible experiences. With a focus on our craft, we work with just a handful of clients each year. Our commitment to making every client feel valued and prioritized is unwavering and sets the standard for the planning experience.

We do not have budget minimums, as a variety of factors should be considered in a wedding budget.  We suggest budgeting  between  $500 - $1,000 per guest.  The weddings in our portfolio reflect these guidelines.

We believe in crafting weddings that breathe intimacy and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.  We love a neutral palette, an outdoor ceremony, tented receptions and the dance party of a lifetime. Our approach isn't just about planning a wedding; we curate unforgettable experiences that echo your love story.  Details matter. 

Well-planned weddings involve just as much creativity as they do logistics. We're matching the same energy for design as we do for logistics by way of timelines, floorplans, client checklists and questionnaires, and frequent meetings.

Most importantly, we value our client's trust.  Successful planning hinges on a client who trusts our expertise and recommendations. 

Our curated list of vendors reflects trusted partnerships from our years of extensive industry experience in Nashville. However, we remain open to new collaborations believing flexibility enriches our client's vision and sparks fresh perspectives for our team.

Email is instrumental to wedding planning alongside the backbone to our planning process, Aisle Planner.  Aisle Planner serves as our comprehensive online planning platform, providing contract storage, checklists, seating chart creation, and RSVP tracking —all tools to orchestrate a seamless planning experience for our clients.

Email is our preferred communication to ensure we are keeping discussions centralized and organized. Meetings, whether by phone or in-person,  are scheduled in advance. This strategy ensures efficient communication while honoring our work-life balance. Additionally, this method proves particularly valuable given the diverse locations of our clientele, allowing us to accommodate their schedules regardless of geographical differences.

With over a decade as a wedding planner, Ashley's journey commenced at a young age, volunteering alongside her mother at the Chamber of Commerce. She acquired invaluable experience working as a venue manager and under seasoned planners, refining her skills across diverse events before starting her firm in 2013.  The House of Shannon team comprises industry experts, collectively contributing over 25 years of invaluable wedding planning experience. This rich background enables them to offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise.